The most beautiful horses in the world.


The Friesian horse came from Friesland, one of the twelve provinces of the Dutch kingdom in the north-west of Europe. It has been made purebred for the last 2 centuries. In addition, because of their beautiful appearance and strong structures, the royal families use these horses on horse carts all over Europe.

The Akhal-Teke,

Ahal Teke, considered the most beautiful horse of the world, is a Turkmen horse. It is common among Turkic peoples in Central Asia, especially in Turkmenistan. The name of Ahal tekelin is mentioned in Turkish epics such as Manas and Dede Korkut and comes from Teke Türkmen who live in Ahal province of Turkmenistan.

Percheron Horse,

The Percheron region in the United Kingdom and North America is the Percher region of France. This horse, which resembles Suffolk horse in many ways, never changes color, it is always gray or gray.

The Trakehner,

Trakehner is one of Germany’s oldest races.
Trakehner horses are still being grown in different parts of the world. II. In the years following World War II Trakehner stallions were drawn to other German temperate species and different breeds emerged.


Its root is based on the Alpine mountains in southern parts of Austria. Particularly known for its stamina, hiking, mountainous and hilly terrain. The name comes from the city of Hafling, which is about 1300 meters above sea level.

Rocky Mountain,

 It originated from the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Kentucky, and it was the end of the 1800s, and it could live for 30 to 35 years.

Tinker horse,

Arabic horse,

Norwegian Fjord,

This race, living in the mountainous regions of western Norway, is a relatively small but very strong and durable country. They have been used for hundreds of years as one of the oldest races in the world.

The Shire,

The greatest English heavy horses are Shire horses. It is said that this horse came from the line of medieval war horses, strong and heavy enough to carry an armored and armed man from the top.

Orlov Trotter,

Orlov horse has become one of the most outstanding riding horses in Russia.

Gypsy Horse,

Gypsy Vanner These horses are known for their long sail and hairy feet.

Knabstrupper horse,

Pinto horse,

Appaloosa horse