Indian stud farms now manage to breed some excellent horses for sale and competition in the Indian and international markets. This Gurgaon based stud farm has some of the best products…

Horse racing is perhaps the most glamorous and money-spinning animal sport. However, behind every champion on the race tracks lies the masterly skill of grooming the horse to perfection. With some of the best and impressive stud farms in India, has this skill in abundance.

A perfect stud farm needs a favourable breeding climate; easy availability of feed; access to veterinarians and lots of grassland.

The development of IT industries, real estate and corporate offices are not the only contributing factor to the rise of Gurgaon. Agriculture and the stud farm industry have also contributed immensely to the growth of the city. The horses bred and reared here keep setting the bar higher in auctions and making a mark on the turf nationally and internationally. This belt has produced the bulk of the champion horses in India. A lot of horses bred here are bought by the who’s who of horsing racing clubs like Vijay Mallaya’s.

“The saffron revolution, the name given to the agriculture of horses, with its rural base and high labour intensity, has the potential to be a major employer and an engine of the agricultural growth in Haryana,” said Pawan Bhatia, owner of Nakul Stud. Located at village Kaderpur, the farm is blessed with a clean unspoiled environment, sweet mineral rich water and sandy loam soil.The summer temperature is about 40 degree c and winter almost 0 degree Celsius. The extreme climate produces tough horses, acclimatised for heat and cold.

Source : Economics Times

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