Legendary Design -3 1/2 year old Stallion. Sire is a full Frieisan. His dam is a Leopard Appaloosa. Available to breed to your mare live cover or shipped semen. Decadent Colored Sport Horses. Located in USA

Notes: Legendary Design – Friesian/Appaloosa Leopard Stallion

For sale 18K

Also available for stud service

Sire: Ljibbes Valour (17.1 hand APPROVED Friesian Stallion) Dam: PJs Peppermint Patty (15.3 hand Leopard Appaloosa)
Legend is a One Of A Kind Friesian Sport Horse with Black Leopard Spots.
Create your own unique Sport Horses with this very unique stallion..

Very lovely floaty trot – Lots of endurance, perfect for Dressage or Jumping. Legend is an Exotic Friesian Cross Stallion with size, correct conformation, and movement. 50% Friesian x 50% Appaloosa. Legends Color Genetics: 1 copy Black, 1 Copy Red, No Gray Gene, and No Agouti Gene. This Horse will Not turn Gray or fade. He is E/e, LP/lp, PTN/ptn.
Registered with Friesian Heritage Horse and Sporthorse International