Bhumiya Ji Breeding Farm for Best Indian Marwari horses & Stallion , mare & Colt & Filly Breed:
Address : Village -Rohina , Jayal , Nagaur
Rajasthan, India
Ph- 8529843895
Stud Farm Owner – Narayan Singh Rathore
Stud Incharge *****
Vijay Singh Rathore
पन्च्कल्याँ बछेरा – आलीशान लाइन
Horse Baby

If you want to enjoy and sell or buy Marwari/ Nukra Kathiawari/Sanjab/sindhi Horse, Visit these fairs
मल्लिनाथ पशु मेला Balotra Horse Fair 2018 : Mallinath Cattle Fair , Barmer, Rajasthan Tourism, india Tour
Sarangkheda Indian Horse Mela Fair.घोड़ा बाजार : सारंगखेड़ा अश्व महोत्सव, पुष्कर मेला, Pushkar Fair, Ajmer , Ramdev Nagaur Fair
Marwari/ Kathiawari/Sanjab/sindhi Horse On sale: Horse Trading Fair 2017 , Fairs & Festivals Of Rajasthan Tourism – India
In this Fair, many horses are for sale. Horse racing is main event with livestock show. Horseback riding can be enjoyed. Equestrian lovers visit this. Temporary horse stables are made .Bridles and saddles shops are set up with horse supplies. People can be seen riding horses.Cattle is everywhere. Race horses for sale can be seen .Horse equipment stalls are there. Horse show is the long event. Dairy cattle show is also there. People come to see war horse and other horse breeds.Foals are also from famous horse farm. Horse accessories are eye-catching.Studs owner from north india come here. Show cattle is organized here.Horse stables are worth visiting. Horse riding equipments are sold here.Beautiful Mares and powerful stallions are seen here for sale.This is also a horse world where race horse are also sold.Many types of cattle breeds come for cattle show. Black stallion horse and dairy cattle breeds are for sale. This is agricultural fair where animal show is organized. safari is also enjoyed here.In this livestock show Marwari horses are displayed.इस पशु मेला में काला घोडा जो कि मारवाड़ी होता है बिकने को आता है | नागौर जिला पशु मेला , सोनपुर मेला, पुष्कर मेला पशुपालन विभाग आयोजित करता है | cattle fair of sonpur mela is famous to show cows.In pushkar camel fair, horse and cow stock show is organized . pushkar mela , and nagaur rajasthan have Indian cattle stocks and show bull and animal competition where best cow in india is awarded. Winner Show animals are tied with red, blue, green, yellow and white badges . breeding cattle , black stallion , broodmare , stallion horse , stallion breeding mare , horse mare and horse sire of Marwari horse also come. Indian horse is big part of this festivals of rajasthan. Marwari Horse for sale in india come here .Best horse breed in india are found here. indian horse race is organized here as horse race india is famous In the world. kathiyawadi horse , punjabi horse, sindhi horse are displayed here.

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