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🔮Video Sections 🔮
00:32 ➜ Player Breeding Requirements
00:53 ➜ The Basic Horse Skills
04:28 ➜ Potentials
11:55 ➜ Armour
12:34 ➜ The Maximum Possible Skills
13:23 ➜ Trash / Unwanted Skills
14:52 ➜ Limitations
15:45 ➜ Before You Breed
17:20 ➜ If Breeding For Coat Colour
20:48 ➜ What To Do If You Are Struggling
23:32 ➜ General Tips

🌈 VIDEO INFO ➜ This is a detailed guide on how to breed good horses in Alicia Online, this guide covers the requirements, skills, what horses to choose, what the best possible skills are, what to do before you breed, what horses to look for as well as what to do if you are struggling to get good horses and my general advice on breeding horses in Alicia Online. Thanks for watching! Alicia Online: http://aliciagame.com/
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Alicia Online Player Name (Girl): TotalCretin
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I do my best to run meet up’s. I cannot guarantee to meet people individually. I get very little free time. But I will announce meet up’s on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. But if you see me in the game feel free to say hello.

★ Where are you from? ★
I’m from the north of Ireland.

★ What do you edit/record with? ★
I record and edit with Camtasia 2018 and a Logitech G430 Gaming Headset with 7.1 Dolby.

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Feel free to send me links to fan videos and fan art to me through my email, social media links or YouTube.


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