How smartest Are Horses?

Someone recently asked me if horses are “stupid.” I replied with a resounding, “No.” They countered, “Well they are certainly not very intelligent.” to which I said, “Horses are as intelligent as they need to be.” I wasn’t trying to be funny when I said it either. I will say that a horse can outsmart a person, on occasion, however.
In fact if a headstrong horse took advantage of a rider, a natural reaction would be to blame the bad performance on the horse. A rider may act defensively and call the horse “stupid” when they actually feel a little stupid themselves. Perhaps you know someone who calls all horses of a certain breed stupid. For example, I know someone who thinks all Arabian horses and mustangs are feeble minded. The reality may be their reaction to the horses’ high energy, intelligence, or wileyness, not their stupidity.

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