Falabella miniature horse breed

The most miniature horses in the world to recognize the representatives Falabella breed. This unique animals other than external beauty and wonderful character. Mini horse attracted the attention of not only short stature, but also physique inherent upland horses.

Despite its small size, the breed is not Falabella pony. They are distinguished by proportional length of the limbs and body, which is typical of riding horses. Due to the non-standard external appeal, the breed of horses are bred all over the world.

There are many stories that tell about the origin of mini horses Falabella. According to one version, a herd of ordinary horses trapped. The cause was a landslide that blocked the passage through the deep canyon. Once trapped, the animals were forced to eat cactuses, do not get the right minerals from the soil. This influenced the further development of the horses. So each new generation becoming smaller and smaller. The result has been a genetic change that led to the emergence of small horses. One of those members saw Mr. Falabella, a farmer and breeder of Argentina. He lifted out of the canyon animal and brought him to his ranch, and then took up a new breed. Found the mini-horses named after the Argentinean Falabella family.

According to another version, the idea of ​​removing the breed owned by Irishman Patrick Nyutollu, who also lived in Argentina. He had his own herd, in which the horse is distinguished by short stature – 75 cm on the formation of the breeder herd gone for many years.. At the end of the XIX century Nyutolla business was continued by his son in law Juan Falabella. At first, the man decided to cross the Shetland ponies and horses, bred by his predecessor. To save the miniature size of the animal Falabella selected and introduced in a breeding program the most undersized representatives. Subsequently, the breeder of thoroughbred blood rush English and Creole. Originally intended to withdraw no pony and horse small size. Since the first of the breed appeared on the ranch located in Argentina Recreo de Roca as a result of effort Falabella family more than a century ago.

One legend says that the existence of small horses have learned thanks to the small stallion, found at the watering. Another story more interesting. Indians knew about the secrets of breeding dwarf breed. The leader of the tribe shared the secret with the farmer Falabella. But it is less plausible version, as Indians have always used the tall and powerful horses. According to another legend, telling about origin of mini-horses, Falabella ancestor common herd of horses sent to Patagonia and forgot about it. And the soil was barren and there is constantly blowing wind. Years later, his descendants have learned about the loss of the herd and went in search of the missing animal. Arriving in Patagonia, they found only a small horses.

Miniature horses can be 40-75 cm height and weight 20-60 kg. Color color breed the most diverse. Animals with thin legs, small hooves. The horse’s head is large, the number of edges is 1-2 less than in other breeds. Animal beauty lies in its mane and tail, as well as a thin shiny skin. Falabella move quite freely, energetically. They are very kind and intelligent, always show kindness to the man. The life expectancy of the breed for over 40 years.

Falabella considered innate jumpers. They are able to overcome great obstacles and do it with great pleasure. Horses gallop over rough areas, can run for a long time at high speeds. The representatives of the breed are excellent companions for their owners. They easily trainable, instantly fulfill all human needs.

Mini horses have great good humor and humility. These animals are the best of friends for his master, bringing him the pleasure of communicating. Falabella miniature horses are not used to riding. However, they are well suited for light harness, because they have great power.

Falabella often used as a riding horse for children. small animals runaway popularity. Many people buy them as pets.

Maintenance and care for members of this breed does not cause difficulties. They need the same care as ordinary horses. Only these horses are not accustomed to the cold. Therefore, winter nights, they should be kept in the stables with shelter blankets. Falabella love heat, which can be achieved by means of infrared lamps, placing them in stable. Winter days to protect animals daytime blankets. And this despite the fact that the mini-horses for the winter there is an undercoat, the addition of the warming.