A film by Alex Kingham
An experimental film showing the passion and energy that young equestrian feel when riding.

Staffordshire University Equestrian Club – facebook.com/StaffsEquestrianClub

Shot on

Canon 600D
Canon 550D
Canon 60D
Nikon D7000
Sony EX3

Edited in FCP 7
Filmed on location at Endon Riding School, Stoke-on-Trent

Also available at vimeo.com/41285944

Hi all,

Sorry I’ve been inactive for so long, I’ve had major deadlines over the past two weeks and so much work this semester that I’ve hardly even been able to think about editing! I’ll be done in two weeks and hopefully I can then start editing again =3

This is a friends film that I helped put together this semester, I was director of photography (DOP) and assisted in post production slightly too =)

Apologies to backstretchrunner (Brenna) who wrote a fantastic poem/quote for us to use but didn’t seem to fit the music and overall feel of the film when we tried editing it in! Still a HUGE thank you for doing that for us! I may use it still if that’s okay? hehe ;P

Enjoy guys! And please share! =D