heya my beautiful subbers! time for a MEP! 8D
– do not steal the music, i cut it myself –
please read the rules, they are important!

• DON’T cut the music yourself; i will send you your parts when the MEP is full
• also DON’T upload your part for everyone to see, send it to me in a private message, either unlisted or with a sendspace link!
• put your watermark on it (not bigger than 22)
• Sony Vegas or Final Cut
• HD and Full Screen
• don’t hate me if you’re not chosen
• there is a possibility to be a backup! this means, if someone can’t make their part in time or because of other reasons you
have the chance to get a part 🙂
• put 1 second of a moving clip at the end of your part so i can add transitions 🙂
• use effects, but don’t overdo it (follow your style, but we wanna recognize that it’s a horse, when we see your part :D)
• pro clips (equestrian), clips from movies including horses are also allowed
• when the parts are full i’ll decide a deadline 🙂 if you don’t get your part
in by the deadline i will write your a message and’ll give you a second
date and when you don’t get it in by this time, i have to choose another
one editing to this part :/
• when you read all the rules, write “hell yeah i’m sexy!” in your comment in which you are asking for a part 8D
• HAVE FUN and let us create a beautiful piece of art therewith we can
celebrate my (nearly) 1500 subbers! :3 let us make this MEP unforgettable!

INTRO: – not available –
PART 1: ilovesaraenasti
PART 2: brei543
PART 3: LaLaLeonie
PART 4: xInfinityPro
PART 5: itstheresax3
PART 6: ShatteredHeartless
PART 7: passionforhorse
PART 8: Horseracingfan777
PART 9: xLunai
PART 10: oxohorseymadoxo
PART 11: – mine –
PART 12: WolfCreekCity
OUTRO: – not available –