Out of the mouths of babes comes great wisdom: Horse Nation’s resident pony kid details her recent experience stepping up to a new mount from her beloved first pony.

No matter your status (junior, adult amateur, or professional) riding horses is hard work. We often hear the perspectives of our peers, but have you ever stepped back to think about what we do from the eyes of a young child? Get your dose of adorable insight with this column featuring Ainsleigh, a young rider who dreams of jumps larger than a crossrail as she tackles her first show, a few falls, and much more. Our resident Pony Pal Ainsleigh talks to us this month about the importance of being comfortable on many different horses, even when they aren’t as easy as horses we may have been used too. Wise beyond her years, Ainsleigh offers us insight on what each individual horse can teach us and how that can make us better riders.

Hi, it’s Ainsleigh and I’m still ten. I want to talk to you about switching horses. You could have to switch horses for many reasons. One reason is if you outgrew your horse and another is if you got too advanced for that horse. There are many other reasons you might have to switch horses, but these are some of the most common.

Switching horses can be kind of difficult because…