Top Amazing Sleeping Habits of Horses

You hurry out to the pasture, but upon closer inspection, you soon see his muzzle twitch or his tail lazily swish at a fly. He’s not dead or even ill. He’s just sleeping. Whew.
While we might assume our horses mostly sleep throughout the night like we do, this is actually not the case. In fact, horses’ sleeping habits are nothing like our own.

1 – Horses only sleep for short periods throughout the day or night
2 – Horses’ sleeping patterns change as they age
3 – Horses really can sleep standing up
4 – But they can only reach full REM sleep (deepest level of sleep) while laying down
5 – Horses in herds will often have a “guard horse” stand watch while others lay down to sleep
6 – Some horses “talk” in their sleep
7 – Every horse has his own sleeping patterns

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