5 Horses You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!


History tells us that horses have been a source and sign of wealth and power for its owners. Things are not so different today. There’s even a unit of measurement called ‘the horsepower’. Horses are still a marvelous luxury that the human race cannot just get enough of. But who’d blame us. They come with an air of sophistication combined with gentleness that is rarely found among other animals. Within this countdown, Top 5’s Finest has selected for you 5 Horses You Won’t Believe Actually Exist! Ready? Well, lets begin!

1. Curly Horse

The curly horse comes in all shapes, sizes and colors but what you will really appreciate about it is its unique gene for a unique curly coat of hair. The horses are mostly chestnut colored but variations exist from black to those with appaloosa markings. They are known for their intelligent and friendly personality which makes them easily trainable. If you are a beginning rider, this is the best horse to go for as it has a tough constitution and great stamina. They enjoy being around people and are typically not flighty. Another good thing is that most people allergic to horses can handle curly horses without suffering an allergic reaction.

2. Falabella Pony

Hailing from Argentina, a full-grown Fallabella will reach a height of between 71cm and 86cm. It has a small and compact body with pony-like features such as a sturdy backbone and a thicker hair coat around the mane, tail and fetlocks. You can differentiate it from a normal sized horse by its larger head and stouter neck. Most Fallabellas are considered to be easily trainable. Because of their size, they can be ridden by children. They are mostly used in-hand at horse shows and are excellent guide animals.

3. Gypsy Horse

This horse mainly gets its name from an association by the Pavee and Roma of Britain and Ireland. Also, known as Gypsy Cob or Tinker Horse, it may come piebald or solid in color. Several breed societies exist for this horse with minor variations. ‘Feather’ long hair often starts forming below the knee of the front legs and the hock of the hind legs, running down the leg to flow over the front and back of the hooves. Silky straight hair and ‘feather’ are most desirable by buyers and breeders. You can differentiate gypsy horses from any other horse by its straight head and strong muscular neck. Its hindquarters are quite something so I’d warn you against standing behind it.

4. Marwari Horse

This is quite a rare horse breed form the Marwari region of India. Look out for its inward turning ear tips. It comes in all equine colors but pinto colors-like the pinto horse- is the most common among breeders and buyers. The white version of the Marwari is specifically bred for religious purposes in India. Black horses are considered unlucky as they symbolize death and darkness. The Marwari is often used for show, horse safaris, spot, ceremonial and religious purposes. Though indigenous to the country, cavalry units of the Indian Military don’t use them as often. They are often used to play polo and in dressage because of their natural tendency to perform.

5. Friesian Horse

They may look huge, but this horse is so graceful and nimble. During the Middle Ages, their size helped them carry a knight in armor. Today, the horse is used in harness, under saddle and, most recently, in dressage. In harness, they are used for competitive and recreational driving. This horse is also used in ventures of pulling assorted vintage carriages at ceremonial events. The horse breed originates from Friesland in Netherlands. Most of them come in black but it is not unusual to find chestnut ones with others carrying the red gene. It has a long, thick mane and a tail with wavy and long silky hair on the lower legs. Their color and striking appearance makes them popular in movies and television.

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