18 Interesting Percheron Horse Facts You Might Not Know

1 – Most Percheron horses come in two colors
2 – Percheron horses are usually above average in height
3 – The Percheron head and neck offer a structured draft horse character
4 – Percherons are a very versatile breed
5 – There are more Percherons in the US than any other country
6 – The original breed name in the US was different
7 – Percheron horses are considered to be “cold-blooded” horses
8 – There is a specific reason why many Percherons are grey in color
9 – Percherons are big eaters
10 – Percherons perform better when they receive regular coat care
11 – Most Percherons do not like being kept in a stall
12 – Percherons are often crossed with lighter breeds
13 – There are nearly 300,000 Percherons currently registered in the United States
14 – Most Percherons tend to live between 25-30 years
15 – Sometimes the Percheron is referred to as a “diligence” horse
16 – At one point in the US, 70% of purebred horses in the United States were Percherons
17 – At one point, Percherons could have been considered an endangered breed
18 – Percherons may be plentiful, but the of new registrations is still relatively low

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