16 Interesting Tennessee Walker Horse Facts You Might Not Know

1 – Six different horse breeds were used to create the Tennessee Walker
2 – The Tennessee Walker was bred to be an all-purpose horse
3 – Tennessee Walkers have a closed stud book
4 – There are 3 distinct gaits with the Tennessee Walker
5 – Tennessee Walkers have a breed trait that other horse breeds would consider to be a fault
6 – Several famous horses were Tennessee Walkers
7 – The Tennessee Walking Horse is one of the most popular breeds in the US
8 – The most common health problem with Tennessee Walkers involves their feet
9 – The name of this breed is interesting considering its foundation
10 – The Horse Protection Act of 1970 governs the show, sale, and exhibition of this breed
11 – Several organizations, instead of just one association, govern Tennessee Walkers
12 – Tennessee Walkers are considered to be a warm-blooded breed
13 – This horse breed accepts all color variations
14 – There is an annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in the US
15 – Only two horses have won three consecutive titles at the TWHNC
16 – Bud Dunn has been the oldest rider to win at the Celebration – twice

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