Top 13 Things You Didn’t Know About The Morgan Horse

The Morgan horse is one of the first breeds that was developed in the United States. They have often been used throughout history as a coach horse, a general riding animal, and were even used as war horses during the US Civil War. Numerous breeds have influenced Morgans, including the American Quarter Horse, the Standardbred, and the Tennessee Walking Horse.
1 – Morgans are incredibly versatile horses
2 – The foundation sire had its name changed
3 – There are four bloodline groups within the Morgan Breed
4 – The American Morgan Horse Association was founded in 1909
5 – There are multiple types of Morgan associations
6 – Unusually colored Morgans are supported by their own registry as well
7 – Morgans were the first American horse breed to compete in the World Pairs Driving competition
8 – Morgans are state animals in 2 US states
9 – Morgans have been a popular figure in US literature
10 – Morgan horses can be gaited
11 – Morgan horses live longer than the average breed
12 – Morgans have a distinctive head shape
13 – Some Morgans used to be considered a different breed

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