13 Interesting Wild Horse Facts You Might Not Know

1 – Not every wild horse is actually “wild.”
2 – Wild horses have 66 chromosomes
3 – The Australian Brumby is often called a wild horse, but it isn’t even native to Australia
4 – The US has laws in place to protect feral horses that are deemed to be “wild.”
5 – Truly wild horses prefer to live in permanent family groups
6 – Wild horses offer a tremendous amount of communication
7 – Wild horses have seasonal food preferences
8 – Wild horses have hooves that are remarkably sharp
9 – Wild horses have their metabolisms slow down during the colder months
10 – Wild horses have a mane that is shorter than other horse breeds
11 – Wild horses have a very consistent look
12 – Like all other horses, a wild horse bears their weight on a single digit on each foot
13 – Wild horses are typically much smaller than other horse breeds

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