13 Interesting Standardbred Horse Facts You Might Not Know

1 – The Standardbred is a patient horse
2 – This breed is incredibly durable
3 – Habits are difficult to form with the Standardbred
4 – Standardbreds are not a big fan of the saddle
5 – Once adapted to riding, Standardbreds are quite responsive
6 – The Standardbred loves its food
7 – It is a consistent horse
8 – The Standardbred can learn to canter with enough training
9 – This breed is above average in height
10 – Standardbreds are going through a breed revolution
11 – There is an official adoption program for Standardbreds in the United States
12 – Standardbreds are so dependable that they are often used as police horses
13 – Many believe that the Standardbred learns its pacing or trotting from its mother

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