Top 12 Most Popular Gaited Horse Breeds

It is a horse that, through a selective breeding process, has a natural gaited tendency. This means it has an ability to perform one of the four-beat smooth horse gaits that occur at intermediate speeds. Horses with this ability are often referred to as having an “ambling” gait.
There are several breeds which have this gait as a hereditary trait, often through the mutation of a dominant gene. This also means that some naturally trotting breeds may have horses which do not have a gait like their counterparts because of a “purer” set of genetics.

1 – Rocky Mountain Horse
2 – Standardbred
3 – Tennessee Walker
4 – Aegidienberger
5 – Marwari
6 – Paso Fino
7 – North American Single-Footing Horse
8 – Walkaloosa
9 – Spotted Saddle Horse
10 – Icelandic Horse
11 – Campeiro
12 – Messara

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